Do you want to be on a certain persons mind all the time?  Do you want your lover OR ex-lover to constantly think and dream about you?  The think and dream about me magick love spell is perfect for many uses.  It can be used if you've recently had a break up and you want to get your ex thinking and dreaming of you constantly; if you're in a relationship and you feel your lover isn't thinking of you as much as he or she should be; OR if you simply like someone and you wish to be on his or her mind all the time.  These are just a few examples of the uses for this magick spell.  This is a great spell if you're interested in someone sexually as well.  It'll open their mind up to you in many ways.  It's also great if you're a shy person by nature and you want someone you like to think and dream of you to get them to make a move on you.  This spell is perfect and will work on the person or people of your choice.  Once the spell energies are released, it works by planting thoughts of you in their subconscious mind while creating a pattern of thinking of you daily and dreaming of you nightly. 

  The Think and Dream About Me Love Spell is great to obtain the attention of someone you're interested in.  This particular love spell is perfect if you've recently had a break up and you want your ex-lover to constantly have you on his or her mind.  This magick spell is designed to make the person you desire think and dream of you frequently.  The spell is even perfect to use  if you like someone that isn't really interested in you at the moment.  You may be "just friends" for now, however once this magick love spell is cast, they'll begin to see you differently.  They'll think and dream of you almost every night.  If being on the mind of someone you really like then this is the perfect magick spell to do just that.  How The Spell Works:  After the spell is cast upon the person you desire, he or she will start out by having frequent and intense dreams of you.  This in return will have him or her thinking of you during the day; repeating the cycle day after day, night after night.  This magick spell works rather quickly once its cast and the energies are released to the universe.  This spell is VERY intense and will produce great results if your goal is to be on the mind of that special someone.  If in the future you decide that you want to have it reversed, please Contact Olivia.

  Question:  What if the person or people I have this spell cast upon doesn't remember their dreams?  The answer is simple:  Even if your target is the type of person who cannot remember their dreams, this will be OK.  The spell will make them dream of you and plant images and thoughts of you in their subconscious mind.  He or She will awake in the morning and go about their daily routine.  They will have dreamed about you even if they do not remember and as they go about their day, thoughts of you will be crossing their mind...very frequently.  When they fall asleep, the pattern will start over.  Something through out the day will trigger their dream and they'll begin to think about you.  After many nights of this cycle, they'll eventually begin to remember their dreams.  They'll constantly think about you as a result of the dreams.  So even if the person you use this magick spell upon can't remember dreaming about you, the spell will still be very effective.  Everyone dreams, even if they cannot remember.  Most of us dream every night and do not know it.  Have you ever woke up and gone about your day and suddenly something triggers a dream you had?  Well, this is kind of how this spell will work for those "non dreamers."  Another awesome spell to go with this one is the Text & Call Me Love Spell.  If you have any questions about this or any of the other spells we offer, you can Contact Olivia anytime. 

  We offer 3 Power Levels for any situation:  Depending on the complexity of your case will determine the power level that should be used.  All levels are very powerful however the higher level spell castings will produce faster and more direct spell energy to your situation.  This in return brings the fastest results to resolve your problem.  If you have any questions about this spell, please Contact Olivia.

Think & Dream About Me Magick Love Spell

Power Level 1

This month only: $65

Think & Dream About Me Magick Love Spell

Power Level 2

This month only: $95

Customized Think & Dream About Me Magick Love Spell

Power Level 3

This month only: $165

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