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About LoveSpells911.com

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  Custom Made Protection Spells - If you're in need of protection from evil, dark magick or any paranormal activity that's taking place in your life, then this is the perfect spell to keep you safe from any harm or wrong-doing.  Our Customized Protection Spells are made to fit your specific situation that requires protection against any supernatural forces that may be invading your life.  If you feel that a hex or curse has been placed on you; this magick spell is perfect to reverse the effects and cast a protective shield around you and your loved ones.  It also works great to banish any negative energy that's surrounding you that's blocking positive energies to flow to you. 

  No matter what your issue is that requires a protection spell, we can help you.  All you need to do is tell us what you're currently experiencing and we can customize this spell to fit your problem perfectly.  Once the spell is cast, the energies are released and a protective circle will engulf you and your family from any future harm.  This magick spells effects are permanent and nothing will be able to break this circle of protection around you and your loved ones.  A special pendent is used in this spell casting to ensure protection for yourself against enemies or anything evil or negative. 

  This magick protection spell is safe to use, effective and will only bring the best results.  If you have any questions regarding this spell or any of the other magick spell castings we offer you can Contact Olivia for a free consultation.  Consults are private, free and no obligation to buy!



  Custom Protection Spell - The Custom Protection Spell is specifically designed to rid yourself of any kind of problem or issue you might be facing that is more complex.  The spell is made up from your requests:  Whether it's you think you might have a hex or curse cast upon you, feel evil spirits lurking around your home or you feel great negativity surround you all the time, this is the perfect spell to use to rid all of that for good.  After the casting is done, the results will be permanent.  Nothing can or will break the protective circle it will create around you or anyone you put in the spell.  We use a special pendant in the casting used to protect you against enemies and anything evil or negative.  The spell is great to clear out negative energies, magick that has been cast upon you and to banish anything bad coming your way.


Customized Magick Protection Spell

Power Level 3 Casting

This month only: $199

When your order is completed be sure to Contact Olivia with the following information as soon as possible so your spells can be cast:

  Your full name, date of birth, city you live in.  Name of person and/or people you wish to include in your magick spell casting.  Any photos you want us to use in your magick spell casting.  There's NO Limits to the amount of requests you can have within the Custom-Made Magick Protection Spell!  When you email Olivia be sure to list your spell requests.  If you're not sure what to do or if you have any questions please email Olivia at: admin@lovespells911.com. 

  We cast your spell and include all the materials used in your spell casting.  We use only the purest magick and most potent combination of ingredients such as crystals, candles and potions to ensure your magick spell casting is 100% successful.  If you're interested in purchasing the Crystals and/or Candles that were used in your spell casting, you can Contact Olivia for instructions how to obtain these items.

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